Passing the hair follicle drugs test and urinalysis in 24 hours

The most popular method for cheating saliva tests is in no way safe. Furthermore, there is not enough information available to even guarantee its effectiveness. The subject employs this technique by first mixing water and hydrogen peroxide in equal parts. The subject will then use this toxic mixture as a type of mouthwash. What you should opt for is urine testing. Ask your employer if you can take a urinalysis and use top artificial urine or the best synthetic urine you can find to pass. 

The most widely used version of the instructions advises the subject to fill their mouth with the mixture and swish it vigorously throughout their mouth, being extremely careful to not swallow a single drop. This vigorous swishing is supposed to last for up to fifteen minutes before the mixture is to spit out. The subject then rinses their mouth with water and repeats the first step. This is repeated as many times as possible, reaching as close to the anticipated test time as possible.

Hair Testing  

One common form of cheating this test is to attempt to make it impossible to collect a sample. The test requires a minimum amount of hair to be tested; this amount is more than any popular crime scene shows would have you believe. Often the test will call for a lot of hairs from the subjects head, exceeding one hundred. The subject may think they have found a smart way to avoid testing by merely shaving their head, but this is not the case.  

The hair drug test can be run on body hair just as easily as it can be run on head hair. Arm hair, leg hair, and even pubic hair are perfectly viable test samples for a hair test. In fact, the hair from a subject’s body will often test positive for drugs long after the hair from their head does not. This is due to the body hair grows slower and thicker than the hair on the head. If the subject is aware that body hair samples are an option they may take this strategy a step farther by removing all the hair from their body as well. While this will prevent a hair sample from being obtained, it will more than likely also raise some questions.

It is not common practice for most people to completely remove all hair from their body. The subject will attempt to explain this phenomenon as a religious or personal hygiene choice. Some subjects will attempt to cease further questioning by trying to make the situation uncomfortable for the tester by blaming very individual sexual preferences.  

The only other form of cheating this test is chemical. The subject will, in some cases, purchase a product that is specifically designed to for this purpose. These products are not heavily marketed and are also very expensive, so they aren’t seen as often as the synthetic urine for example. A more common, and economical way to cheat chemically, is with hair dye products. A subject will purchase a complete hair bleaching kit along with an additional kit to dye their hair back to its original color. This strips the hair so badly that even the metabolites are removed from the hair, leading to a negative test result.  

These techniques include changing clothes and washing hair many times in an attempt to mask the strong smells associated with the chemicals used. They will also be very careful not to get any stains or burns on their skin from the chemicals as these would be clear indicators to any intelligent testing representative.